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No. 3 Date 2020.11.16

Hong Kong loyalty Card Project

The challenge

The Hong Kong Casino company reformed the casino field by proposing the "loyalty Card Project," the system for managing loyalty Point. This projet has added an Pointman TP9200 plastic card printer to its service, integrated with Kiosk to allow casino customers easy and rapid access to a membership card and to loyatly cards.

The solution

Thanks to the expertise of its Pointman distributor, this project has installed an Pointman card printer in its kiosk. This double-sided color card printer automatically and instantly personalizes membership cards. It can also be used to produce promotional cards.

Out Come

Customer loyalty programs have a variety of benefits for companies, but also because they have become an expected part of the consumer experience. Benerfits (Increase rvenue, Save money, Gather valuable data, Make consumers feel appreciated. Measure loyalty through engagement)



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