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No. 5 Date 2020.11.16

An Asian government Department Selects POINTMAN's Laminators to secure issuance of ID cards

The challenge

The government department manages the issuance of ID cards for national people was looking for ID card laminator to launch an efficient, robust and secure card issuance solution to provide high-quality ID cards for nation. In order to issue a large number of ID cards at national wide community service center, the department was looking for a cost effective, yet high secure and efficient card issuance solution.

There are a number of key points for the new solution:
- Securely laminate high quality cards in a short period of time
- Can be connected to any kind of card printer with a suitable plinth
- Be easily deployed and managed by personnel at each community service center
- Provide secured consumables with coordinated serial number

Pointman was selected as the preferred provider based on its abillity to meet each of the requirements, but especially for laminating ID cards with high security.

The solution

The department selected POINTMAN's laminator NL200 for secure card issuance and POINTMAN supplied about 1,300 units of laminator. POINTMAN's laminators are installed in all over the country, supporting the departments strategy of rapidly issuing ID cards in few minutes and significantly improving the customer service provided to its citizens.

Out Come

The department is going to issue more than 5 million national ID cards with Pointman's ID card laminator NL200 for next years. POINTMAN's secured card issuance solution continues to provide better idea for relieable and accurate governmental identification system



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