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No. 2 Date 2020.11.16

Vehicle Inspection Certificate Card in Indonesia

The challenge

Identify Indonesia Vehicle Certificates Cards and simplify administrative procedures
In 2017, the Indonesia Government announced that each resident of Vehicle would have a plastic card for Vehicle Inspection Certificates

The solution

More than 700 Pointman System deployed in Indoensia district.Today, over 200 district in Indoneisa use an Pointman card printer to print Vehicle Inspection Certificates after Vehicle Inspection. Pointman Printing Systems have been adapted to the technical specifications of Indonesia Vehicle Inspection Sector. Each card is equipped with a contactless chip. As existing cards needed to be automatically recognized by the printing system, the Indonesia system integrator has customized the Pointman printers with a contactless chip encoding.

Out Come

"This method is more formal and it is appreciated for its uniformity, its readability, convenience and speed, and because it sharply reduces the chance of human error,"

“We did not need much training on the use of the printer. Changing the ribbon, reloading the cards and cleaning the unit are all very easy.” Vehicle Inspection Sector official



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