support & service

We provid adcanced products and solutions with enhanced value.


become a pointman partner

  • 1. training

    We will provide product
    training as requested to
    get you fully up to speed.

  • 2. marketing

    Share knowledge and experience with
    other POINTMAN Partners with LinkedIn,
    Newsletter and Google engine.

  • 3. cost effective &
    referral fees

    Generate additional
    revenue or pass savings
    on to your clients.

  • 4. case studies

    Further promote your expertise
    and services by creating joint
    Case Studies with POINTMAN .

  • 5. sales support

    POINTMAN will provide support with
    your proof of concepts projects,
    demonstrations and proposals.

  • 6. business value

    Generate more value
    for your business
    to move further.


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